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Over the last 18 months, we all have missed opportunities to celebrate birthdays or other major milestones with family and friends.  We haven't been able to give someone a hug when they needed encouragement or meet that new grandchild in person.  As a result, gift giving has become less personal.  While celebrating virtually made us appreciate the basic human interactions we were used to previously, let's be honest - it was rough.  As we all begin to get back to those things that connected us to other people and our community, small businesses are welcoming customers with open arms too.

The Busy Bee Boutique changed ownership in October of 2020, still very much in the middle of the pandemic, and we are eager to connect with each of our customers again.  While many of you have stopped in to check us out, some of you may not be aware that we are still open.  Or maybe some of you are still shopping for gifts on Amazon (boo)!  The Busy Bee Boutique provides you the opportunity to shop small and gift big by featuring products that are handmade, local, and personal.

Come see us and reconnect or if you still prefer online shopping, connect with us at

We have missed you!


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